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Legacy Planning

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Legacy Planning

Taking care of family.  That's what Legacy Planning with John Muir Health is all about. You are invited to explore the many ways you can plan for the future to create income for you and your family and ultimately make a gift to John Muir Health. Visit our Legacy Library to learn more about how you can honor the life and legacy of special individuals while ensuring that your loved ones will have extraordinary health care close to home. 


Legacy Planning seeks to lead a donor through a process of examining the entire range of charitable giving options, in light of their own unique financial circumstances and values, and integrating those options into a comprehensive philanthropic plan. This exploration is done in light of the most current financial and tax advantaged strategies and in conjunction with a donor’s team of advisors.

At its best Legacy Planning is committed to the following three objectives: taking care of your heirs, connecting life-time values with financial decisions, and re-directing private capital to social capital for the benefit of the common good.

Explore the wide range of planned giving possibilities to find the gift plan that best meets your philanthropic and personal goals using our tools below or contact Mike Crvarich, Vice President of Legacy Giving at (925) 941-2120 or email.

To make creating your family legacy easier than ever, we have partnered with FreeWill to provide a self-help estate planning tool. This online resource is 100% free and makes it simple to create a legal will and designate a legacy gift to John Muir Health. It can also be paired with an attorney for more complex needs. Click here to get started. 

Discover Your Legacy

Create, share and celebrate your family legacy.

Legacy Library

Use our tools to help you with your family legacy planning.

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