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Women's Health

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Women's Health

John Muir Health takes a collaborative approach to meeting the unique medical needs and concerns of women.  Our teams of physicians, nurses, and specialists work together to provide extraordinary care to all women in our community.

By supporting Women’s Health, you help provide the very best in medical care and services for the women in your life and in our community.  From fertility and pregnancy, to incontinence and breast health, women have special needs that require specialized care.  With your gift, you can provide peace of mind to the women in our community who rely on John Muir Health as a community resource to provide the right care at the right time for all ages and all stages of their lives.

Our enhanced Women’s Health programs and services include pregnancy and fertility support, birth center, and preventative screenings for bone, breast and pelvic health.  As women age, needs change and your support ensure that all needs for all women can be met at John Muir Health.